Monday, 14 November 2011

Pong Trick Shots Q&A

People have asked a load of questions about our PONG videos.
Here, we answer some.

1) Did you actually do them? Or is it fake?

- All of the shots we make are real; there's no sense of achievement in faking them; they just take a long time to get right!

2) How long does it take you to make a shot?

- It depends on the complexity of the shot, but it can take a long while! One shot took approximately 45 minutes to get right; some of the simpler ones we get quite quickly.

3) Where did you get the idea?

- Our shots are inspired by others who have done similar things on YouTube; particularly DudePerfect ( who achieve some incredible shots with basketballs.

4) Why?!

- It's fun and very addicting! But essentially it's for your entertainment, and ours. You enjoyed it, right? Then it's achieved its purpose.

5) I want to get involved! How can I?

- We've got to Go Big. Suggest a location and come do the shot with us. Even better, get your own set of balls and cups, record some epic shots and send them to ; and it may find it's way into the next compilation! Of course, you will be credited!

Get involved.
Go Big.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The start of something new...

If we're gonna do it, we may as well do it properly.
Creating and developing Hyperactive Sloth Productions has been a lot of fun so far and will be something we shall develop further in the weeks and months to come.
This blog is designed specifically to promote these ventures, and to provide the story and background behind certain videos.
Check back in for behind the scenes exclusives, random thoughts, potential video ideas and promotional possibilities.
More than anything, enjoy.