Monday, 14 November 2011

Pong Trick Shots Q&A

People have asked a load of questions about our PONG videos.
Here, we answer some.

1) Did you actually do them? Or is it fake?

- All of the shots we make are real; there's no sense of achievement in faking them; they just take a long time to get right!

2) How long does it take you to make a shot?

- It depends on the complexity of the shot, but it can take a long while! One shot took approximately 45 minutes to get right; some of the simpler ones we get quite quickly.

3) Where did you get the idea?

- Our shots are inspired by others who have done similar things on YouTube; particularly DudePerfect ( who achieve some incredible shots with basketballs.

4) Why?!

- It's fun and very addicting! But essentially it's for your entertainment, and ours. You enjoyed it, right? Then it's achieved its purpose.

5) I want to get involved! How can I?

- We've got to Go Big. Suggest a location and come do the shot with us. Even better, get your own set of balls and cups, record some epic shots and send them to ; and it may find it's way into the next compilation! Of course, you will be credited!

Get involved.
Go Big.

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